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If you have a question or would like to contact me to discuss wood working or any related topic, you have several choices. You can send US Mail, addressed to me, at:

Joseph P. Zeh 
Swamp Road Wood Works
325 West Street
Worthington, MA 01098

You can reach me by phone:

(413) 238-0338

If you prefer to reach me via the internet you can E-mail me at:


And of course, since you are viewing this page, you must know that my web site is:


Finally you can send me feedback.


Visitors are always welcome:

Directions To Swamp Road Wood Works

Worthington is a beautiful hilltown, with lots of interesting places to visit. If you are site seeing in the area and want to discuss woodworking, woodworking tools, woodworking shops, cabinetmaking techniques, or tour my shop, just stop in. If you are making the trip just to visit Swamp Road Wood Works, please call ahead to be sure that I am home or in the shop. 



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